Make Toast, Not Waste


My name is Natalie and I officially hate food waste! This month I have teamed up with the lovely people at Love Food, Hate Waste to talk about bread waste and how to remedy it! I’ve come up with lots of tips below on how to use every last slice of the bread that would normally get left in the cupboard and end up in the bin!

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Bread is the most wasted food in the UK, with 24 million slices being thrown away every single day. Love Food, Hate Waste’s new campaign, Make Toast Not Waste, launched on 12 March and encourages people to make their bread last longer by freezing it, then making toast straight from the freezer to make a delicious snack or meal. They have some fantastic ideas here for toast toppers and making the most of what you’ve got left! My personal favourite is the Melty Marshmallow S’mores or Full English Toast!

Love Food, Hate Waste want to help show people how to experiment with different toppings on their toast to create tasty, convenient and affordable meal solutions. Bread waste can be avoided in many other ways as well, in fact, if everyone in the UK wasted three fewer slices of bread a week – the UK’s bread waste problem would be solved! So check out their website and social media (all linked below) to find their helpful tips and tricks, just like this idea:

When freezing sliced bread, give the bottom of the loaf a little tap on a hard surface to separate the bread so that the slices don’t end up stuck together


Image by Jamie Orlando Smith

In collaboration in Love Food, Hate Waste, I’ve come up with some additional tasty ideas and tips to share with you for using up those last slices of bread! Food waste is a huge problem and hopefully with tackling bread wastage, we can all become more aware of the other foods we waste and come up with great ways to use them up!

Pangritata –  This is a wonderful Italian breadcrumb mixture, known as poor man’s parmesan, that is full of flavour and delicious sprinkled over pasta for an extra crunch! Blitz your dried out or toasted bread in a food processor with garlic, your favourite herbs and some nuts thrown in for good measure and then fry with a small splash of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt until golden and crisp. Sprinkle over carbonara while hot and it will make ALL the difference.

Pangritata can also be used with any herbs or flavourings and works fantastically as a topping for risotto, pies, salads or soups. The breadcrumbs store and freeze fantastically so you can make a different flavour every time you have some leftover bread!

Some of my favourites are:

  • Garlic and Herb
  • Caper, Lemon and Parsley
  • Rosemary and Dried Chilli

Burgers Bulking – Blitzed up breadcrumbs make a wonderful addition to burgers, meatloaf, meatballs or koftas. Adding a handful of breadcrumbs to the meat mixture makes the end result much lighter in texture and also helps those expensive ingredients go further!

Panzanella – The Italians are experts at using up leftovers and that is true of the simple but delicious Panzanella salad. Combine tomatoes with red onion, basil, lots of extra virgin olive oil and some toasted, leftover bread and you’re in for a treat. The dry bread soaks up all the flavours and adds lovely texture to a summery salad!

Sweet Breadcrumbs – Most of us will think of bread as a savoury food but if you blitz up toasted bread with some sugar and cinnamon, it makes the perfect topping for a summery Sundae!

French Toast – If you’re in a rush but still want a delicious breakfast, toss some leftover bread in with some beaten eggs, a splash of milk and a little sugar and cinnamon and then fry in butter until golden and you have ‘almost’ instant french toast! Top with berries and you’ve got a breakfast to die for!

Simple Stuffing – Combine some blitzed breadcrumbs with sautéed chopped onion, some chopped herbs and seasoning to make a stuffing for any meats. The wonderful thing is how versatile the stuffing can be, add in some chopped bacon or some nuts, whatever you have to spare. There are hundreds if not thousands of possibilities!

Romesco Sauce – This tapas sauce is perfect with prawns, a potato tortilla or paella. You blitz together red pepper, chilli, garlic and leftover bread with some oil and red wine vinegar and you have an instant delicious sauce!

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Hopefully with these ideas, all your leftover bread will be used up before you know!


Image by Jamie Orlando Smith


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