Pasta Basics

This is by far the most suitable place to start with my blog. Pasta is one of my favourite things to make and eat. It can appear quite time consuming and fiddly to make but it is fantastic fun especially with little children and you get such wonderful results!

I completely and unequivocally believe in all cooking that you should use the best ingredients that you can get your hands on and that is true of pasta. Using the right eggs and flour will make a world of difference to this extremely simple recipe:

200g 00 Pasta Flour

2 Eggs


This is the basics to ANY pasta. You can use water instead of egg but it won’t give you such a good flavour and colour.

To make your pasta dough you can either blitz it together in a Magimix or blender – I find, although much quicker, you tend to need a splash of water to bring the dough together when using a machine. If you’re making dough by hand, make a pile of the flour on your work surface and pop the eggs in the centre. Using one hand, break up the egg yolk and gradually start to combine the egg and the flour – use a ‘pecking’ motion to get you started. This way, once the dough has started to come together you can get rid of any other flour and not end up with a dry dough. Knead the pasta for a couple of minutes and then wrap in cling film and rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.


One thing that will make your life so much easier is a pasta roller – the talented Nonna’s of Italy would easily get by with a rolling pin but trust me, a pasta roller will help you out no end!


Start on the widest setting and pass the dough through a few times. It can be helpful to fold the dough and pass it through the widest setting a couple of times to help smooth the dough. Once you’re ready, take the dough through each setting a couple of times until it is thin enough that you could just reading a newspaper through it. Make sure to flour your surface to avoid the pasta from sticking.

Once rolled, you can cut, fill and shape your pasta into whatever you want – a good place to start is by folding the floured pasta into a pile and slicing into tagliatelle. Now allow the pasta to dry and go slightly ‘leathery’ before boiling in salted water or place in a bag and put in the freezer for later!


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